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  • 15 one-on-one 60 min sessions with YOUR Physical Therapist
  • 100 training sessions with Certified Coaches
  • Program designed for 3-6 month progression with the ability to use sessions within 12 month period
  • Communication/feedback between your therapist and certified Conca trainer EACH session
  • 24/7 access to your PT
  • Collaboration with your personal sport coach and Athletic Trainer
  • Extensive detailed Physician reports


  • Restore ROM, regain quad control, inflammation/pain management
  • Functional Strength
  • Unilateral and multi-direction training, multitasking/visual tracking (neuroplasticity), sport specific training
  • Power/agility/speed with final Return to Play comprehensive testing
  • Each phase progression requires assessment and clearance with your physical therapist and clear protocol to follow with certified trainers


  • Individualized programming based on graft type, gender and sport
  • Comprehensive wellness training/education: nutrition, recovery, mindset
  • Video library access to assigned exercises
  • BFR Certified
  • Dry Needling Certified
  • EMG Capability for enhanced early muscle activation
  • Advanced objective assessment capability to direct phase progressions using Plantiga Movement Technology, trusted by the world’s best athletes, teams and organizations

We get athletes “back in the game” better, stronger, faster!!


Amy Powers, MSPT, Owner/Lead Physical Therapist at Powers Performance Physical Therapy

Stephen Conca, MS, CSCS, IHPL12 Owner/Head Coach at Conca Sport and Fitness

*50+ years of combined experience in the healthcare/fitness industry

The collaboration of in-house expert Performance-Based Physical Therapy and Elite Athletic Conditioning with Certified Strength Coaches in our new state-of-the-art facility allows us to offer the very best in Western Mass for post-ACL rehabilitation.

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We’ll help you choose the program that works best for your recovery plan.


6 1:1 Physical Therapy Visits
4 1:1 Sport Performance Sessions
3 Months of Unlimited Small Group Performance Sessions

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15 1:1 Physical Therapy Visits
8 1:1 Sport Performance Sessions
8 Months of Unlimited Small Group and Open Gym Sessions

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10 1:1 Physical Therapy Visits
6 1:1 Sport Performance Sessions
5 Months of Unlimited Small Group and Open Gym Sessions

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Steve Conca is an incredible asset to our sporting community. I worked with Steve for several years and have sent a wide variety of patients to him, from competitive athletes to adult patients looking for weight loss and fitness. We have long been in need of a way to transition athletes from rehab to the real world of their sport. Injured athletes recover very well with the help of traditional physical therapy, but they frequently need a higher level of training/coaching in order to effectively return to their sport. I have seen dramatic results with patient after patient, using the services of Coach Conca. Many of my referrals have been patients with recurrent overuse-type injuries. These patients often have the same injury year after year. With the help of the Functional Movement Screen, Coach Conca is often able to detect the inefficient movement patterns that seem to be at the root for these recurrent injuries. Most importantly, he is able to correct the underlying movement problem so that the injuries no longer occur. Injury prevention is another key component of Coach Conca’s programming. Female athletes, for example, who are at higher risk for ACL injury, can reduce their risk by undergoing the sport-specific strength and flexibility training. Whether you are a middle school or high school athlete, a professional athlete, or simply an avid exerciser wanting to improve your performance and decrease your injury risk, I strongly recommend Steve Conca.

Mike Hilts MD, Piedmont Orthopedics–

I have worked with Mr. Steve Conca for the past 10 years and have found his services invaluable to my patients. I have a very busy sports medicine practice and utilized Steve?s expertise to help get my athletes back on the field safely and keep my adult patients strong and fit. He worked closely with my physical therapy staff to take over where they left off, overseeing sport performance and fitness programs. His clients were very pleased with his care. I believe that his approach to fitness and athletic performance as well as injury prevention is integral to a well rounded sports medicine program and strength and conditioning program. I would highly recommend his services.

Robert Wainer MD, Murphy Wainer Orthopedics–

I am extremely pleased to give my full personal and professional endorsement to the Steve Conca, owner of Conca Sport & Fitness. I have had opportunities to work in professional athletics as well as in the foremost training facilities in this country including the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. I can say without reservation that the work, dedication, and philosophy used by Coach Conca is among the best I have seen when it comes to a full service holistic approach to personal training and strength & conditioning. I have had the opportunity to work with Steve Conca with both teams and individual athletes, and I am always pleased with the results. I recently published the book, “Athletic Body in Balance”, and not only does Steve adhere to the philosophy and technology put forth in the book, I used Steve’s programs as a resource to help develop the philosophy and refine the exercises published in my book. This guy gets the job done!

Gray Cook MSPT, OCS, RKC–

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