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We realize you have many choices available when it comes to fitness and we’d like to take the time to thank you for researching your next level of success. We take your health very seriously, as should you. We appreciate you trusting us with this important responsibility.

Having been involved in the Fitness Industry for over 25 years, I became increasingly frustrated at its poor standards. Quite simply, I became sick and tired of clubs where sales numbers were more important than member results. Personal training standards were ridiculously poor and good training programs and qualified instruction were almost impossible to find. I set out to create the solution. And I truly believe I did!

In 2009, we became the first Adult Training gym in Western MA. We have an incredibly knowledgeable and energized team of coaches, research-based training methods and a clean, no fluff training facility. You won’t find a more qualified or more highly-trained fitness training team anywhere. We also offer lifestyle enhancement programs based on improving the activities in your life such as Golfing, Biking, Obstacle Course Racing, distance running or any of the other sports you might participate in. From the pro’s to everyday Joes, middle and high school athletes, elite level players, we can get you there you need be. If you just want to finally look move and feel better, you landed in the right place.

Recovering from an injury?? We are the only physician and physical therapist backed Return – To – Play program in the region. ACL, knee or hip replacement? Sprained ankle, sore back? Whatever your setback might have been. You can trust my team to get you back to full strength.

What truly sets us apart from other gyms is that we are the only fitness facility in the area you can experience before you make a commitment. You can come in and meet with one of our team coaches, become a member for 21 days (21 DAY JUMPSTART), and see if our gym is for you without any commitment. More importantly, we are the only fitness facility whose sole focus is not on membership numbers ? but on our members’ results. We want to positively IMPACT our members, our community and inspire others to greatness.

We don’t have salespeople…come meet our qualified team of coaches and decide for yourself. If we can’t earn your trust during your introductory program and prove to you that we’re the best gym in Western MA, walk away with no obligation whatsoever. It really is that simple!

Raise Fit Kids: A Five Star Program

By Steve Conca


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I’ve been incredibly passionate about helping others for a large majority of my life. There’s truly nothing that makes me happier than being able to effectively give someone the tools to take their life back. I started my fitness journey like everyone else, having absolutely no clue what I was doing but loving it regardless.

After countless mistakes and wrong turns, I finally hit a stride and began making consistent progress. I got started coaching my friends and family, providing the guidance they needed to consistently lose weight and build lean mass. I quickly realized this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, helping people that is. After high school I pursued a degree in Movement Science with a concentration in Exercise Science at Westfield State University. During my final two years there, I worked nearly full-time as a personal trainer and intern strength coach at various gyms in the area, including Conca Sport and Fitness.

During my time in school, I became interested in Natural (drug-free) Bodybuilding, making it a goal to compete one day. That day did indeed come in 2016 when I competed and won both my categories at the OCB Yankee Classic. I later went on to compete at the 2019 INBF Autumn Explosion and later qualified for the 2019 WNBF World Championships where I placed fourth in the world under the ‘Junior’ category. Working closely with those hoping to compete, or simply trying to push their physique to the limit has been amazing and something I very much plan on doing for the long haul.

After graduating, I acquired a number of certifications I view as essential for nearly any coach trying to help others as best as they can. Some of these include Mike Boyle’s Functional Strength Coach, NSCA’s Personal Training Certification, and Precision Nutrition’s Level 1 & 2 Certification. They aren’t everything, but providing proof that you have a great base of knowledge to start/continue your coaching career is too important to be overlooked. The information is important, but what you do with it matters even more!

I also love the group fitness dynamic at Conca Sport and Fitness. It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced, given there are a lot of misconceptions about group training. Picture an incredibly high-energy environment with top-level coaching and programming where you’re surrounded by a supportive group of individuals trying to get better just like you. On top of running a majority of the group sessions here at CSF, I also offer one-on-one training and nutritional coaching for those with more specific goals looking for a more individualized approach.

For members who’d like a more personalized approach, we feel it’s important to offer a higher tier of coaching to provide those seeking to reach their extreme goals or achieve them in the fastest, most efficient way possible without sacrificing their health or well-being.

If you have a specific goal in mind and you’re interested in reaching your full potential, please contact me here:

george mateo


What brought me to Conca Sport and Fitness is the atmosphere, a place where people want to be, a place where people support others, a place where everyone can achieve their own personal goals.

I started out as an intern for Conca, where I was completing my senior year placement for my Exercise Science degree from Springfield College. I was able to grow as a coach and a person with the support of the coaching staff and the members. Everyone welcomed me with open arms and I’ve been here since.

What drives me as a coach is helping others achieve their goals. Whether that’s the athlete’s sessions, adult groups, or personal training.

At Conca Sport and Fitness I enjoy being around the high school and middle school athletes because watching them grow in confidence, strength, speed, and power is very motivating. Young people need strong role models and I’m grateful for the opportunity to be there for them from season to season. I also love spending time with the adults, watching them transform their minds and bodies is amazing to see.

Currently, I am back at school to get my Masters in Athletic Training. My goal is to use the knowledge and experience I have learned from Conca Sport and Fitness to continue to help others.

michelle kozikowski


A long-time member, Michelle joined our team as Director of Client Experience in 2019. Her greatest passion is the creation and development of the CSF Master’s Program, specifically the accountability piece. As the primary accountability coach, Michelle has created a wonderful and welcoming environment for clients to grow, learn, and become very self-aware outside of the gym space.

Michelle is passionate about fitness and wellness. She will often take the lead on new and special programming, such as the CSF Transformation Program, 30-Day Plant-Based Program, and team challenges. In 2018, she participated in a small group 12-week transformation where she gained a more comprehensive understanding of body composition and macronutrient balancing.

She is married with two grown children and enjoys living an active life.

Certifications: CFSC (Certified Functional Strength Coach), Precision Nutrition

renee albee


I work for UnitedHealthcare as a Financial Audit Exam Lead, which is where my work passion resides. My passionate side hustle was becoming a Coach at CSF with the Master’s program. I personally hope to get as fit as possible, and also empower others that fitness is more than muscles, it raises self-esteem and opens avenues that you never thought were possible.

As a single Mom, I’m very proud to have raised a strong, compassionate, and Caring daughter who is currently a Pediatric RN.n More recently I’ve realized age is only a number and we all get to a point where it’s “ME” time, so I’m pushing my limits on what I can achieve in life personally. “Unstoppable” is my thought process as we only get one life to live – I had no idea how much the CSF gym/family would impact my life.

Currently, I’m enrolled in becoming a Certified Functional Strength Coach.



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