Jan 23, 2022

You’re addicted to food and you don’t even know it… but what can you do about it.
Food addiction is so powerful because of the messaging that is used to reinforce this conformance that everyone is eating “crappy” food and it makes you want to eat “crappy” food as well.
Your brain is battling three things:
1. sugar or sweetener which activates your dopamine pathways
2. flour which activates serotonin pathways
3. excessive salt activates your opioid pathways and processed fats activate the same pathways that marijuana activates.
So what is considered processed food?
Plants have natural endorphins and they’re supposed to give you a good feeling of a “natural high.” This is designed by mother nature to give us satisfaction when we eat.
But when plants are processed and heated and the fiber is taken out.  Combine that with processed flour and together they hit our system so fast and it travels right to the brain as glucose.   You get that high addictive feeling of satisfaction.  In addition to this, you get surround sound marketing through all the media outlets which is constantly stimulating the reward sensors to want more, so it’s extremely hard or almost impossible to give up.
The frontal lobe of her brain is telling us no we got to stop and give this up!  Since this is such a small area of our brain, it’s an extremely uphill battle when the brain does not get adequate blood flow.
Stress activates any type of addiction. It was said as humans 60 years ago we were much healthier when all we did was smoke. Our lungs suffered but the clean eating and natural foods kept every other system in our body running at max capacity.
Processed foods create artificial aging.  You can see what happens when anyone comes off these types of foods, they feel younger, their entire organ systems work better, their skin is better, their gut is healthier and they are reducing inflammation. After a few days of detoxifying their bodies of the impurities, most people feel alive and productive again.  This is one way to simply improve your health span.