5 Reasons You Are No Longer Getting The Results You Want

Apr 5, 2021

 by Stephen Conca

Are you ready to ramp up your results? I hope so because this month I’m focusing on the TOP ACTIONS you can take to 10x your results …

 … even (especially!) if you’re stuck in a plateau.

 Basically, a plateau is when your results stall out and you stop seeing the progress you saw when you first started your program.  It may be after a few weeks or months of training.  There are many factors at play but we’ll begin to explore a few simple ways to help. 

Let me be clear.  If you have been training for a while and are in a good place, and you want to stay there, great!  It may be that your energy has plateaued.  We can fix that as well!

I’m only 2 weeks into my Integrated Health Practitioner program and we have already begun a deep dive into bio-individualization when it comes to overall wellness. What does that mean? In very simple terms, exercise and nutrition should be individualized to your body type.  If that’s not happening, then you might become stagnant or hit a plateau in your overall fitness and wellness.  More details on this will be for a future discussion…

…for now, we know that nearly EVERYONE goes through a plateau from time to time. It’s not a fun place to be – but the good news is that if you DO experience one (or are in one right now), there are a few key things to pay attention to… 

  1. You Are “Kinda-Sorta” Following Your Program.

Have you started to slack on your plan? Be honest! Are you even following a plan? This is one of the top causes of plateaus and it’s a good sign to shake things up with new recipes, workouts, or injecting some more FUN into the mix!  If there is no structure to your day it will be difficult to measure where you have been and where you want to go. 

  1. Your Body is Used to Your “Routine.”

 This is another top cause of plateaus! This could be good and not so good.  Not good – …I go to the gym everyday and do my routine and I’m still not a weight I’m comfortable with.  There’s a lot to unpack with that statement.  The good news is this means you’re healthier and more fit than you were before.  You’re in a good place now so it just might be time to (safely) challenge your body in a different way in and out of the gym.  

Regular updates to your plan (exercise, nutrition, and mindset) are going to be KEY to your success! A great coach can help you quickly identify small tweaks to fire up your results again.

  1. Hormones, Stress, Sleep Deprivation, and More. Your body isn’t a machine! It’s an incredibly complex organism that functions best when it’s in balance. 

So many things can throw it out of balance, from being overtired to overstressed and even undernourished and overworked.  Your body could be holding on to excess toxins sapping the energy from your body.  How would you know?  You can try 2 things.  1. Perform a detox, not a cleanse.  There’s a big difference.  2. Run a Thyroid adrenal, hormone, and or food sensitivity test.  If your cellular landscape is not optimal you will feel in the form of fatigue, bloating, etc.  It may cost a few hundred dollars to run a few tests. However, getting to the root cause NOW could save you a lot of time and money, and you’ll get your energy back and feel alive again.  For a recommendation on which labs and where to get them, reply to this email.  

  1. You’re Not REALLY In a Plateau (Part 1). If you only rely on the scale to track your results, you’re missing out and fooling yourself!

Your body could actually be changing in a big way EVEN if the scale doesn’t move. That’s why it’s important to measure other things – like the percentage of body fat or circumference measurements or even use photos once per month.  

  1. You’re Not REALLY In a Plateau (Part 2). If you’re struggling to lose those “last 5 pounds,” you might be at a weight that’s healthy and natural for your body. 

Losing those pounds can take extra effort – as can keeping them off once you hit your goal.  

So you need to ask yourself.  At some point in your life, the goal needs to shift from the concern of the 1-2% body fat swings to the overall health of your body.  I can’t make that decision for you.  However, I can tell you that a healthy body will not want to hold onto extra fat.  A healthy body will not feel tired and will not stay sick.    

You just may need to refocus on your overall health and your plateau will take care of itself.  

I hope this list helps you refocus and rev up your results.

The fastest and surest way to get – and keep – your momentum going is to work with an experienced coach with a tried & tested program. They’ll be able to make adjustments as you need to make sure you stay on track with your goals to get the results you’re looking for!

I’ve helped hundreds of people over the last 23 years get the results they’ve wanted. It’s why I do what I do! I have even taken the next step to enroll in the Integrated Health Practitioner curriculum so I can bring you the most up-to-date protocols and education to you and to my team.  

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