Winner Of The 56 Day Super Shred is…!

We had an awesome group of individuals who pushed all excuses aside and got after it for our 56 Day Super Shred!

After 8 weeks of focused nutrition, exercise and recovery, Catherine Koziol?is the first place winner with the most FAT weight lost! ?The grand prize was $10 for every pound of FAT that was lost. Catherine takes home $101! Congratulations!


It’s extremely difficult for women over 50 to put on lean body mass. ?However, with the proper pre and post workout nutrition, an awesome effort along with a positive attitude, she made it happen! We are really proud of what you accomplished…and it’s only been 8 weeks!!

Check out these awesome results!
Body Weight: Lost 8lbs in overall weight
Lean Body Mass: gained 2.1lbs of muscle
***Fat Mass: Lost 10.1lbs of body fat***
Body Mass Index: BMI decreased by 1.3 (26.7 to 25.4)


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