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How Fast Should You Be Losing Weight? What Might You Be Doing Wrong?

Today I will be talking about something I get asked about a lot, how fast should we be losing weight? There are two things wrong with this question, one is that you should not worry about how ‘fast’ you can lose weight. We obviously want…
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How To Figure Out If Your Trainer Is An IDIOT

If you’re a fitness professional, in a similar industry or have just been working with great coaches for a while, I am sure you have noticed some not so great coaches/trainers throughout the years. I have worked at 4 different sport and…

The Alzheimer's Prevention Quiz

Our friends at Precision Nutrition always come through with practical, research based information to enhance the quality of your life. Many of us know someone close to us who is dealing with this terrible disease. Prevention is always…

See How Valerie Lost Over 25lbs To Prepare For Her Knee Replacement

Success Story:  See How Valerie Lost 25lbs To Prepare For Her Knee Replacement!

Summer IMPACT Series #7 - The "G" Word... Do You Have It?

When you read about or listen to successful people discuss their achievements, there's often a word that pops up in the dialog. GRIT We had GRIT as a team to preserve the victory... I had to grind out the last :60 seconds of the…

Summer IMPACT Series #5 - An Enemy Called Average

In John Mason's Book, An Enemy Called Average, he has 52 Nuggets to live by.  One for each week, for an entire year. Nugget # 5 Don't Ask Time Where It's Gone; Tell It Where To Go All humans are created equal in the fact that we are all…

Summer IMPACT Series #4 - 212 The Extra Degree

In Sam Parker Mark and Anderson's book 212 The Extra Degree, one of the first pages you come to reads like this: At 211°, water is HOT. At 212°, it BOILS. And with boiling water, comes STEAM. And steam can Power a LOCOMOTIVE. It's…

Part II How Do You Know If You're In Really Good Shape? 9 Take Aways For Athletes And Adults

We have a wide variety of readers that see our posts.  Many parent's of our athletes as well as our adult clients visit our site for information, motivation and clarity when it comes to exercise and performance. Sometimes it can be a challenge…
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Should You Take Supplements? Part 1

Should You Be Taking Supplements? By Frank Hoyle, CPT, EIM Ambassador. Frank is currently performing his internship with Conca Sport and Fitness. Something that I get asked multiple times on a daily basis is; “Frank, what  supplements…