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Quitting Sugar: Part 2

How To Quit Sugar: Part 2 In the last post we talked about treating this as a two-week experiment of changing your mindset. Think about this analogy. Use the wet paint or it?s hot don?t touch this analogy. If you see wet paint…
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Quitting Sugar – Part 1

Quitting Sugar- Part 1 TOP reasons you might be craving carb-rich, sweet (sugar), and even salty foods! I know a lot of us get these cravings from time to time, and there?s something surprising that can be leading to…
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Does Sugar Actually Cause Obesity?!

Just want to make something clear about sugar in this post. A lot of people look at sugar as this terrible thing that will make you fat, lazy or hurt your performance. Well I?m here to tell you that sugar alone does not cause weight gain,…