The Best Start - Part 2

The Best Start - Part 2 If you ever thought about what it might take to make a permanent transformation in your health and go after a weight loss goal, it can seem like a daunting and unachievable task. Kind of like packing up your entire…

3 Tips To Maintaining Strength During A Competitive Season

As we gear up for the first week of the Fall Sports season, many of our athletes are coming off a great summer of getting stronger, moving better, and maximizing their physical potential.   If there’s no plan to at least maintain strength…

Preventing Injuries In Softball Pitchers

In this weeks addition of No Athlete Left Behind, we take a closer look at why softball pitching injuries are on the rise, and what we can do to combat growing problem.    

See How Valerie Lost Over 25lbs To Prepare For Her Knee Replacement

Success Story:  See How Valerie Lost 25lbs To Prepare For Her Knee Replacement!

Summer IMPACT Series #8 - Life And The Climb

As we roll into week 8 of our Summer IMPACT series, it was just about a week ago that on 8/8/17 (1+7=8) I wanted to experience the true metaphor of life...a tough physical climb. 8/8/8 and week 8 of our IMPACT series seems to be a perfect fit! We…

Summer IMPACT Series #7 - The "G" Word... Do You Have It?

When you read about or listen to successful people discuss their achievements, there's often a word that pops up in the dialog. GRIT We had GRIT as a team to preserve the victory... I had to grind out the last :60 seconds of the…

Summer IMPACT Series #6 - And Then Some...

And Them Some... The power of these words is captured in a poem written by Carol Holmes. Submerse yourself into the poem and apply it to where you are in your life right now. "And Then some...these 3 little words are the secret…

Summer IMPACT Series #4 - 212 The Extra Degree

In Sam Parker Mark and Anderson's book 212 The Extra Degree, one of the first pages you come to reads like this: At 211°, water is HOT. At 212°, it BOILS. And with boiling water, comes STEAM. And steam can Power a LOCOMOTIVE. It's…

Summer IMPACT Series #3 W.T.F!? - It's Not What You Think!

It’s actually an extremely important concept to high physical and mental performance.  Losing weight, getting stronger and faster or being more productive, and achieving a higher standard then the "norm." W.T.F. stands for What The…FOCUS!!!! I…

Summer IMPACT Series #2 - Don't Give Up! Don't Ever, Give Up!

Incase you missed the IMPACT Series message from Week #1  you can see it HERE Fear. What are you really afraid of? Is it failure? Is it success? Is it the unknown? Is it the fear of working so hard and not achieving what you…