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The Fountain Of Youth…Is Right In Front Of You!

The fountain of youth...is right in front of you. Just look in the mirror :) The research will tell us that they are not 100% sure how all the human systems in the body actually work when it comes to staying strong, healthy, and disease-free. What…

Clean Eating and If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM)

Article courtesy of Inbody USA. There has been a lot of discussions both in the media and in doctors? offices about the obesity epidemic this country is facing. While everyone has heard that diet and exercise is the way to fix this, there…
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All Things Recovery

I am going to cover a really important topic that benefits everyone, especially those who are constantly active. I am referring to ?proper? recovery, this includes stretching after your workout, drinking enough water, sleeping enough and much,…

Protein Requirements + Analyzing Casein Protein

Without a doubt, one thing people constantly ask me about is protein. Basically anything to do with it, how much should I eat? What type is best? Should I use protein powder? The first thing I am going to cover is ?how much? protein you should…
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How Fast Should You Be Losing Weight? What Might You Be Doing Wrong?

Today I will be talking about something I get asked about a lot, how fast should we be losing weight? There are two things wrong with this question, one is that you should not worry about how ?fast? you can lose weight. We obviously want…
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Protein Powder & Its Place In Your Diet

Protein is essential to building and retaining lean muscle mass. Consistently getting in adequate amounts of protein each day is incredibly important for progress and overall health. Depending on your height, weight and goals, you are going…
Protein & Oats for Breakfast!

Protein Oats & Plant Based Proteins.

Protein Oats is the Perfect Pre-workout meal, and really such a great way to start your day! So what should a pre-workout meal consist of? The ideal pre-workout meal should have some protein, some carbohydrates, and a little healthy fat.…