The Best Start - Part 2

The Best Start - Part 2 If you ever thought about what it might take to make a permanent transformation in your health and go after a weight loss goal, it can seem like a daunting and unachievable task. Kind of like packing up your entire…

Are You Prepared For The Journey?  Part 1

Are You Prepared For The Journey?  Part 1 What is your transformation going to be this year?  For many it will be to look, move and feel better by losing weight (fat).  This journey doesn’t have to start every January. A transformation…

Raise Fit kids Is Now Available On Amazon

As fitness professionals and a coaches, modeling and encouraging a healthy lifestyle is just part of our DNA.  I get it, many of us just aren't sure on what do to and how to do it when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle, let alone modeling…

3 Tips To Maintaining Strength During A Competitive Season

As we gear up for the first week of the Fall Sports season, many of our athletes are coming off a great summer of getting stronger, moving better, and maximizing their physical potential.   If there’s no plan to at least maintain strength…

Part 2: Over 40 And Out Of Shape, What's Next?

In the last installment of Over 40 And Out Of Shape, we discussed the importance of needing and the BIG 3 to be successful: structure, accountability and help. Now let's say you found the place to get your BIG 3 in order and you began…


OVER 40 AND WANT TO GET IN SHAPE? If you're like me, staying in shape and adhering to sound nutritional principles does't just happen, it takes discipline and focus. At the age of 44, it's more important for me then ever before to maintain…
Improve Nutrition
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Improve your relationship with nutrition.

Have you tried to improve your relationship with nutrition over the years? Do not give up, you can improve any areas of your life at any time!  Including your nutrition habits. Nutrition.  What a complicated topic right?  If you asked…

Summer IMPACT Series #9 - Greatness Is Within Reach!

The number 9 is defined in many ways.  On Numeralology - The Vibration and Meaning of Numbers  a few of the many qualities of the number 9 are: ...those of leadership, the ability to see clearly, integration, the three worlds – physical,…

See How Valerie Lost Over 25lbs To Prepare For Her Knee Replacement

Success Story:  See How Valerie Lost 25lbs To Prepare For Her Knee Replacement!

Summer IMPACT Series #8 - Life And The Climb

As we roll into week 8 of our Summer IMPACT series, it was just about a week ago that on 8/8/17 (1+7=8) I wanted to experience the true metaphor of life...a tough physical climb. 8/8/8 and week 8 of our IMPACT series seems to be a perfect fit! We…