Protein & Oats for Breakfast!

Avoid This Type Of Protein

If you are not someone who eats a lot of protein and needs to get your daily requirement from a supplement then you should be aware of the different types of protein out there. I’m not against any company producing this type of protein. However,…

What You Kneed To Know About Hydration And Your Body

Article Courtesy of Inbody USA Water is a major part of your body: it makes up 79% of your muscles, 73% of your brain, and even 31% of your bones. Overall your body weight can be 45-65% water. Your body water percentage is influenced by your…
Improve Nutrition
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Improve your relationship with nutrition.

Have you tried to improve your relationship with nutrition over the years? Do not give up, you can improve any areas of your life at any time!  Including your nutrition habits. Nutrition.  What a complicated topic right?  If you asked…

Delicious Stuffed Zucchini Recipe for 2

Ingredients (for Stuffed Zucchini) Zucchini (medium, halved lenghwise), 2 Olive oil cooking spray Onion (finely diced), ¼ cup Fresh garlic (minced), 1 tsp Shitake or portobello mushrooms (small diced), ¼ cup Tomato (finely diced), ¼…

Summer IMPACT Series #3 W.T.F!? – It’s Not What You Think!

It’s actually an extremely important concept to high physical and mental performance.  Losing weight, getting stronger and faster or being more productive, and achieving a higher standard then the "norm." W.T.F. stands for What The…FOCUS!!!! I…

How Bill Got Awesome

If you want to get awesome, try this:
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Should You Take Supplements? Part 1

Should You Be Taking Supplements? By Frank Hoyle, CPT, EIM Ambassador. Frank is currently performing his internship with Conca Sport and Fitness. Something that I get asked multiple times on a daily basis is; “Frank, what  supplements…
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Nutrition Made Easy

For the last 7 years we have been using Precision Nutrition, one of the best resources in the world for nutrition education. A few weeks back they had a great article "what to eat before, during, and after exercise," and I thought this would…