Are You Prepared For The Journey?? Part 1

Are You Prepared For The Journey?? Part 1 What is your transformation going to be this year?? For many it will be to look, move and feel better by losing weight (fat).? This journey doesn?t have to start every January. A transformation can…

Raising Fit Kids

Raise Fit kids Is Now Available On Amazon

As fitness professionals and a coaches, modeling and encouraging a healthy lifestyle is just part of our DNA.? I get it, many of us just aren't sure on what do to and how to do it when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle, let alone modeling…
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Is Supplementing With Creatine Beneficial?!

Creatine can actually be found in some foods including meat, eggs and fish. It is a molecule that we produce in the body. It stores high-energy phosphates groups in the form of phosphocreatine. The phosphocreatine then releases energy to help…
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Does Sugar Actually Cause Obesity?!

Just want to make something clear about sugar in this post. A lot of people look at sugar as this terrible thing that will make you fat, lazy or hurt your performance. Well I?m here to tell you that sugar alone does not cause weight gain,…
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How To Figure Out If Your Trainer Is An IDIOT

If you?re a fitness professional, in a similar industry or have just been working with great coaches for a while, I am sure you have noticed some not so great coaches/trainers throughout the years. I have worked at 4 different sport and fitness…

Intermittent Fasting What Is It? How Does It Work? Is It For ME?

I wanted to talk a little about Intermittent Fasting (IF), this is a style of eating that has gained a lot of popularity in the past 3-5 years. I myself have utilized intermittent fasting for almost 2 years. Today I am going to break down what…

Do You Burn More Fat On An Empty Stomach?

Fasted Aerobic Training or Referred To As? ?Fasted Cardio? is simply exercising on an empty stomach.? Myth or Fact? The idea behind fasted cardio is that you should wake up, not have breakfast, not eat anything at all, grab your water and…

Part 2: Over 40 And Out Of Shape, What’s Next?

In the last installment of?Over 40 And Out Of Shape, we discussed the importance of needing and the BIG 3 to be successful:?structure,?accountability?and?help. Now let's say you found the place to get your BIG 3 in order and you began on…


OVER 40 AND WANT TO GET IN SHAPE? If you're like me, staying in shape and adhering to sound nutritional principles does't just happen, it takes discipline and focus.?At the age of 44, it's more important for me then ever before to maintain…