Summer IMPACT Series #3 W.T.F!? – It’s Not What You Think!

It?s actually an extremely important concept to high physical and mental performance. ?Losing weight, getting stronger and faster or being more productive, and achieving a higher standard then the “norm.”

W.T.F. stands for What The?FOCUS!!!!

I took this concept from my friend and mentor Todd Durkin.


I have to admit, I ?struggle with this every day. ?I have to work extra hard to stay locked in at whatever I’m trying to accomplish. ?Hopefully one of these nuggets can reestablish your focus so you can get where you want to be with your life and training.

Focus is one thing that can allow you to accomplishment what you want. ?Are you trying to make the varsity or freshmen team? Are you trying to improve your speed, lose weight, get stronger, or just be more consistent with a routine. ?It?s real easy just to be busy all the time…with no real focus.

It?s not easy being busy with the things that are MOST crucial to your success. ?It takes discipline. It takes strategy. It takes diligence and persistence. It takes FOCUS!!!

For Our Athletes: ?It can start with a FOCUS of eating breakfast. ?Then FOCUS on getting a post workout meal. ?It can start with a FOCUS on a particular exercise that gives you the most difficulty.

For Our Adults: ?It can start with :30sec of FOCUS on a positive affirmation every morning, “I can and I will do this!” It can be a FOCUS that I will get to exercise at least 4 days / week!

Whatever you want…FOCUS!

IMPACT Principle #3:

FOCUS on the top 5 things that you love to do and NEED to do that make your soul sing. ?Eliminate all the rest!

Here are my 5:

  1. ?Coaching / Training ?- (I love to be in the trenches with our athletes and adults)
  2. ?Leading – (our members and the CSF staff to become their best self)
  3. ?Being the very best dad, husband and leader and example for my family
  4. ?Learning – (Always searching for ways to improve mental and physical performance and how to be a better human, husband, dad and friend)
  5. ?Traveling – (mainly with my family)

So where do you need to FOCUS your time to get what you want?

I would love to hear your answers. And then go FOCUS and DO IT!

Hop over to our CSF member FB page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/ConcaMembers/) to post your answer on the 5 things you need to FOCUS on. I would love to hear from you.

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