Summer IMPACT Series #1- Make Your Bed

As we kick off our Summer Athletic Performance Programs we are implementing an IMPACT Series for all athletes and their families to reflect on. ?Each week for the next 9 weeks we will deliver some nuggets of inspiration, motivation and focus…to help you create IMPACT and be the best version of yourself!

IMPACT Series #1: – Make Your Bed

I highly suggest this quick read:?

Make Your Bed

By Admiral William H. McRaven

(Retired U.S. Navy SEAL)

Little Things That Can Change Your Life

…And Maybe The World

The book was inspired by his commencement speech in 2014 at his alma mater, The University of Texas.?

The book high lights the 10 principles he learned during Navy SEAL training, that helped him overcome not only his training challenges, but the challenges that he encountered throughout his life.

Here’s the quick take home…

(However, I strongly encourage to watch the 19min commencement speech and read this short book.)

Start you day with a completed task…Make Your Bed.

?If you are consistent with completing the first task of every day you will gain a small sense of accomplishment that will build and build over time. This will encourage you to do another task, and another.?

Making your bed will reinforce the fact that all the little things in life matter. ? If you can’t do the little things right, you will never do the big things right.

I learned this lesson the first hand 24 years ago in the Marines…

I’m glad I did!


1. Start making your bed. Everyday.

2. Eat breakfast as if you were going to play in a National Championship Game.? Everyday.?

3. Follow the CSF?Athlete Nutrition Cheat Sheet that was sent to you.

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