Raise Fit kids Is Now Available On Amazon


As fitness professionals and a coaches, modeling and encouraging a healthy lifestyle is just part of our DNA.? I get it, many of us just aren’t sure on what do to and how to do it when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle, let alone modeling that behavior to small children.? There’s too much bad information feeding our minds and stomach.? It’s a tough fight to go at it alone.

This Raise Fit Kids book is designed for parents who want to do better, model and encourage a healthy lifestyle. It’s geared towards families with small children approx. 3-10yrs.? ?My?wife and I began journaling about this when our kids were younger (2007) and hoped that someday we would be able to IMPACT more families.

Our kids are now 14,12 and 10 and many of the principles still hold true about modeling a healthy lifestyle.?As you know, the process of modeling and encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle starts at a very young age.? The more help and structure parents have, the better chance our youngest generation can grow up mentally and physically ready to take on the sport of life.

Grab your copy on Amazon today and lets start helping parents and their kids one family at a time.

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