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I’ve been in the fitness industry for over 20 years. I see fads come and go. Everyday there is a new fad, new diet, exercise program, etc. We, as a company, realize that our best advertisement is our clients results. As a matter of fact our motto is “We don’t ask for referrals, our referrals come from your results”.

We are not interested in creating just “another gym” or “fad”. We are interested in creating a “fitness family” a “culture” of like minded individuals who are results driven, positive, and understand that we can’t place a value on health. We firmly believe that every member contributes to the overall “vibe” and “energy” of our facility.

We also understand that one “bad apple” can ruin the experience for others. That is why we refuse to accept just anyone into our “fitness family”.


How we use MYZONE at Conca Sport And Fitness:

MYZONE is an high tech ultra-Cool monitoring system that tracks/displays in real time the EFFORT of the individual wearing it. This awesome tool allows us to coach, challenge, motivate, and inspire you get to your fitness goal. We always have challenges in running, individual, team, and even club events to maximize your fitness experience using this wearable technology. This is just another way for us to hold you accountable both in and outside of the gym in a fun way. Yes MYZONE tracks up to 16 hrs of activity outside of the gym. You can see your effort on your phone APP and in your MYZONE account portal.

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We all know accountability-regularly checking with someone- is important for long-term success. The social commitment helps you stick with what you start when things get tough or you have a rough week, you will be reporting to your coach daily with the online platform.

Your coach will SEE & be notified when you have completed your lesson or daily action habit. You can message your coach at anytime and if your coach notices you are struggling or not doing your daily action they will reach out to see where you need support or encouragement.

Please note: This is NOT a quick fix.