If you’re like me, staying in shape and adhering to sound nutritional principles does’t just happen, it takes discipline and focus.?At the age of 44, it’s more important for me then ever before to maintain a high quality of life.
It takes the?BIG 3?-?structure,?accountability?and?help. That all sounds great, but in reality many of us fail because we don’t have our?BIG 3?in place.
With my own friends and family who are over 40, the timing to get in shape couldn’t be more critical.
In the next few posts I will be covering the basics on what you need to get in shape, and stay in shape if you’re over 40.
The first and most important step is to start in the right place.
But how or where do you do that?
For starters you can download our?5 Questions to Ask Before Joining a Gym?cheat sheet.?If you’re already a member with us, awesome, you’re in a good place 🙂
Please forward the article to one of your friends who may need some help figuring out where to start.
Getting in shape isn?t easy and the older you get the harder it is. With all the extra stress that goes along with the territory ? work stress, family stress, relationship stress ? it?s just not beneficial to all of a sudden cram large amounts of training (physical stress) on top of what you’re already baring.
That?s why many people get injured or get sick when they start a program that’s not set up specifically for them.?Sometimes your trainer is probably half your age and has no idea what it?s like to be in a forty-plus year old body. You need to take in all the factors on where you’re starting.
This should be the first step when you begin your training process
The body is designed to move.?It?s not designed to be still for five to six hours a day and move for one or two. It’s no surprise that your body doesn?t move as well as you would like it to when that’s the routine you have been?put into since started elementary school. And the older you get the more negative impact a stationary lifestyle has on your body.
Can you play golf pain free? Can you get down on the floor? Can you get up off the floor? Do you struggle to do house hold chores? This is all related to movement efficiency or inefficiency, depending on how you look at it.
A movement assessment that can pinpoint your weaknesses and allow a coach to design an appropriate program just for you, is how you should begin the process.
This allows you to train injury-free right from the start with no guesswork involved. Hopefully you can be the beacon of hope to someone if you notice their struggling with how to get on the right track with their health and fitness.
In Health,
P.S. If someone is not sure where to start we’ve made it real easy to give it a try.
In the next few days we will be sending out details on our?14 Day Fit Camp. That’s right, you can be over 40 and still go to camp!
A “Camp” is a place where you can get away from your daily rut, experience some personal growth, and figure out if this new path is going to be the right one for you.?Hey, if you’re over 40 and struggling a bit, give yourself 14 days to allow us to help you figure it out. You may find yourself 100% committed to a new you! 40 + 14 = 100. That simple formula just might change your life!


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