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Stephen Conca, Conca Sports and FitnessI realize you have many choices available when it comes to fitness and I’d like to take the time to Thank You for researching your next level of success.

Having been involved in the Fitness Industry for over 25 years, I became increasingly frustrated at its poor standards. Quite simply, I became sick and tired of clubs where sales numbers were more important than member results. Personal training standards were ridiculously poor and good training programs and qualified instruction were almost impossible to find. I set out to create the solution. And I truly believe I did!

In 2009, we became the first Adult Training gym in Western MA. We have an incredibly knowledgeable and energized team of coaches, research-based training methods and a clean, no fluff training facility. You won’t find a more qualified or more highly-trained fitness training team anywhere. We also offer lifestyle enhancement programs based on improving the activities in your life such as Golfing, Biking, Obstacle Course Racing, distance running or any of the other sports you might participate in. From the pro’s to everyday Joes, middle and high school athletes, elite level players, we can get you there you need be.  If you just want to finally look move and feel better, you landed in the right place.

Recovering from an injury?  We are the only physician and physical therapist backed Return – To – Play program in the region. ACL, knee or hip replacement?  Sprained ankle, sore back? What ever your setback might have been.  You can trust my team to get you back to full strength.

What truly sets us apart from other gyms is that we are the only fitness facility in the area you can experience before you make a commitment. You can come in and meet with one of our team coaches, become a member for 21 days (21 DAY JUMPSTART), and see if our gym is for you without any commitment. More importantly, we are the only fitness facility whose sole focus is not on membership numbers – but on our members’ results. We want to positively IMPACT our members, our community and inspire others to greatness.

We don’t have salespeople…come meet our qualified team of coaches and decide for yourself. If we can’t earn your trust during your introductory program and prove to you that we’re the best gym in Western MA, walk away with no obligation whatsoever. It really is that simple!

 – Stephen Conca

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We all know accountability-regularly checking with someone- is important for long-term success. The social commitment helps you stick with what you start when things get tough or you have a rough week, you will be reporting to your coach daily with the online platform.

Your coach will SEE & be notified when you have completed your lesson or daily action habit. You can message your coach at anytime and if your coach notices you are struggling or not doing your daily action they will reach out to see where you need support or encouragement.

Please note: This is NOT a quick fix.

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I have always believed that if you want to have a healthy, balanced life, you must eat well & MOVE WELL! Since I was in high school I have always had my training and nutrition as a priority in my life. I was helping friends and family eat right and lose fat at a very early age. I helped multiple friends lose 20+ pounds when I was a junior in high school! Being able to coach others so that they are able to reach their goals has been incredibly rewarding. I am here to help any motivated individual who comes into Conca reach their goals.

I took that early passion and turned it into my future career. I recently graduated from Westfield State University with a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science. I am also a certified personal trainer, functional strength coach and soon to be a nutritionist. I have also partnered with Exercise is Medicine and ACSM this past year to present & publish research on the benefits of physical activity within a group and/or personal training. I also began natural bodybuilding a few years back when I wanted to take my training and nutrition to absolute extremes. Following safe and effective dieting protocols, I coached myself and was able to drop roughly 50lbs and reach sub 5% body fat to win my first ever bodybuilding show in July of 2016. Drug-free bodybuilding was a great sport for the sole fact that I was competing with myself. I plan to compete for many more years to come!

Whether you are an athlete or just someone trying to get back in shape, I can not stress enough that it always comes down to you vs. yourself. I never compared my fitness journey to someone else’s, and I believe that is what lead to my success. Your beginning maybe someone’s middle, and that is totally fine!

– Frank Hoyle