Mobility (noun) – the ability to move or be moved freely and easily.
What are you doing to keep yourself as mobile and pain free as possible?

Do you use any of the equipment in this picture??

If not, you’re missing out!
Taking 5-10 minutes before and after a workout to focus on some myofascial release can be very beneficial to your workout and recovery.
The actually act of myofascial release involves applying pressure to our tight muscles and fascia with the goal of getting them to “release” and help alleviate pain or discomfort. This will also help increase blood flow to the area which can immediately help range of motion.
In the picture to the left, I have 4 different mobility tools. They are do the same thing but are made specifically for certain muscle groups.
Foam Roller:?is for larger muscle groups (upper back, quadriceps, glutes)
Hand Roller:
beneficial for your calves, shins, quads and hamstrings
This is similar to a foam roller but its design is aimed to target the rhomboids/traps/erectors (mid-back muscles)
Lax Ball: This is mainly used for smaller muscle groups that you cannot get properly with a foam roller or hand roller. Some main areas to use a lax ball would be – deltoids/forearms/pecs/traps/triceps/feet
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