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Improve your relationship with nutrition.

Improve Nutrition

Have you tried to improve your relationship with nutrition over the years?

Do not give up, you can improve any areas of your life at any time! ?Including your nutrition habits.

Nutrition. ?What a complicated topic right? ?If you asked 100 different people what good nutrition?is or what healthy eating?means, you’d likely get 100 different answers. ?To improve in an area of struggle you need support, it can be a family member a friend or a professional.

Some think good nutrition means eating fewer sugary desserts. ?Others think it means eating more veggies and fruits, some will say to stay away from fruits. ?Others think it means eating less meat or very few or almost no carbs. ?Eat every 3 hours or eat only 3 meals a day. ?Paleo, Keto, juicing, shake-fast meals and perhaps just 1 real?meal a day.

At CSF we measure the goodness?of a nutrition plan differently. ?CSF Coaches ?know that one amazing plan might be good for 1 person, but you might need something completely different based on your personal situation. ?You’ll need strategies designed specifically for your body type, size, shape and lifestyle. ?Therefor a cookie-cutter plan will not do. ? Honestly there really is no best diet,?you and your coach will connect and test different strategies. ??You might find us asking you this question:

“What do I hope to accomplish with my nutrition plan?”

We actually invite you to ask yourself this same question, come back to this question every couple months too. ?As you move forward along your journey you want to be sure you’re remaining true to your goals you set. ?Often I will say “will this help me reach my goals?” ?Taking a mindful moment to pause and evaluate is such a great habit to practice.

So what is Good Nutrition?

Good nutrition is outcome-based, while theory is nice, results are everything. ?To simplify all good nutrition programs should do these 3 things simultaneously:

  1. Improve your body composition
  2. Improve your performance
  3. Improve your overall health

Want to get control of your eating?

Most people know that regular movement, eating well, sleep, and stress management are important for looking and feeling better. Yet they need help?applying that knowledge in the context of their busy, sometimes stressful lives.

That?s why we work closely with you to help you lose BF%, get stronger, and improve your health emotionally & physically? no matter what challenges you are dealing with in your personal life. ?We are on your side. ?Until next time…

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Conca Sport and Fitness now has coaches who have gone though the most rigorous and demanding nutrition certification of it’s kind and are excited to help you get started.

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