Play Better Golf with Better Fitness

?March?12 – May 4th


Does This Sound Familiar To You?

  • I used to play a lot more until my _______ started hurting again.
  • I?ve spent all these years working towards retirement to play more golf, now my body can?t perform like I want it to.? I can’t get the distance and accuracy I want no matter how much I spend on new clubs.?
  • I want to take more golf trips but playing multiple days in a row really wears me out and I don?t know what to do.

If you?re not doing anything specific for YOUR body as it related to golf then nothing?s going to change.?

We can help you avoid playing in pain

Improve your performance and enjoyment in the game you love by:

  • Teaching you exercises to develop the strength, flexibility and coordination of your trunk and hips – taking unnecessary stress away from the back.? ?
  • Developing an individualized golf specific strength and flexibility program to fit your body.?
  • Showing you how to warm-up and stretch before you play and/or practice.
  • Focusing on posture to help you address the ball, for a more consistent swing and putting stroke.? This will also allow for more distance off your full swing.
  • Addressing current or past injuries to avoid overuse and re-injury to vulnerable areas in your body.

Why Trust Us?

It?s been over 20 years of working with the golf community and applying what we have learned from the best coaches in industry.?

?Every time I had a session with Coach Conca, I thought to myself, man, I wish I started doing this 10 years ago! I would have had much better time playing, avoiding all sorts of nagging injuries, and I would have had a longer career, and made a lot more money. It?s never too late.??– John McGinnis, PGA Professional, commentator

?I can say without reservation that the work, dedication, and philosophy used by Coach Conca is among the best I have seen when it comes to a full service holistic approach to personal training and strength & conditioning. I recently published the book, ?Athletic Body in Balance?, and not only does Steve adhere to the philosophy and technology put forth in the book, I used Steve?s programs as a resource to help develop the philosophy and refine the exercises published in my book. This guy gets the job done!”?? Gray Cook, MSPT, OCS, TPI Advisory Board??

?Steve Conca started our first Strength and Conditioning program at the Carolina Golf Practicing and Learning Center.? Steve was not only my personal coach, he worked on-site with many of our students, instructors and PGA players. A structured strength program should be a part of every golfer?s routine if they want to simply play better, stay healthy, and enjoy the game for many years.? Rick Murphy, Owner, Rick Murphy Gold Academy and Practice Center, PGA of America Board of Directors 2013-2016

Before I Tell You How YOU Are Going To Become?A Stronger, More Fit Player,

I Need You To Grasp 3 Concepts?About Our Program:

1. Our Core Philosophy on Assessing Movement Patterns

Our philosophy has evolved from movement science.? Golfers and golf swings vary greatly, thus creating a need for Individualized programs to improve performance.?

Due to many factors including lifestyle changes, postural deficits, poor fitness levels and past injuries, the body begins to develop movement patterns that are insufficient when trying to link together body segments for maximum power generation.

The Screening Process

The initial screening process was developed by Gray Cook, Orthopedic Clinical Specialist, Kiel Keisel, PhD,PT, ATC, CSCS, and Pete Draovitch, personal Physical Therapist for Greg Norman. Many of these screening processes are now utilized at the Titelest Performance Institute.

This evaluation will identify primary stability (strength/power) deficits, or primary mobility (flexibility) deficits. ? A lack of adequate mobility and stability will cause the abnormal movement and poor motor programming to occur.? ?

Due to the fact that the body will always sacrifice quality of movement for quantity, the individual will continue to perform a given activity in spite of the fact that poor motor programming exists.? Our objective is to identify the underlying cause of the compensatory movement patterns and prescribe corrective exercises.?

Check out how poor posture can dramatically interfere with a consistent swing.

2.? Research and Flexibility – We Do What Works

With more people playing, there has been increasing amount of literature addressing strength and flexibility within the golfer.?

However, most literature is still missing the connection between isolating movements and? integration of training functional movement patterns.? The golf swing is a very complex movement and involves a coordinated effort between many muscle groups in order to provide adequate power and control.? ?

Stretching is a must, but? It Needs To be Done Correctly? ?

Proper warm?up will increase core temperature, metabolic reactions and blood flow.? A proper pre hitting stretching routine will allow the disruption of bonds and adhesions within muscle tissue due to inactivity. This will also decrease passive muscle stiffness and increase elasticity and extensibility of connective tissues.? Research has indicated that?specific?stretching was an effective means of increasing, power and angular club head speed.? The key element here is golfers didn’t see big gains in measurable flexibility, but they did see big results in their better striking ability.?? ? ? ? ?

3.? Power Production and The Kinetic Link

When a muscle is lengthened prior to contraction the body?s ability to produce positive work is attributed to the storage and use of elastic and chemical energy.? ?

Kinetic Linking – is the manner in which the body produces and transfers energy from segment to segment to produce rotational velocity, a combination of physics and physiology.?

A common analogy to the physics side can be represented by the action of a snapping whip.? The arm initiates the action of the whip, then decelerates and stops, passing the momentum and creating enough acceleration and speed at the end of the whip to produce a snap.? ?

Flexibility, Kinetic Linking and Proper Exercise –? Putting it all together

We understand that everyone?s body type, posture, strengths and weaknesses are unique to them.?

We hesitate to recommend a standard set of exercises for golf because everyone?s goals, bodies, and ability levels are different.?

Therefore, each exercise program should be tailored accordingly.?

The CSF Golf Program will give you specific exercises to address your ?weak link.??

All of our programs consider three factors:

  1. They must be specific to golf.
  2. They must be specific to the individual
  3. They must utilize minimal time and equipment.

We have the knowledge, and experience to provide you with the most advanced and effective exercise program to maximize your golfing potential and overall health.? ?

?There are 12 openings for our 8 week CSF Golf Fitness Academy:

Details: Registration is on a first come first serve basis.

Dates:?March 12 – May 4

Times: 6:00am – 6:50am M&W? |? 4:30pm – 5:20pm? ?M&W? |? 6:30pm – 7:20pm T&TH

Training format:? 2 x?s / week In a Small group (3-6 participants) with individualized program design.??

Cost: $499

Use Promo code: CSFGOLF?for $30 early registration discount before 3/6?and reserve your spot.

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Get started today and be at your best this season.

The average cost of a new driver can range between $250-$800.? Think about what you could do for yourself and for your game with an investment of $469…that will last a lifetime.

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