Goal to action practice worksheet

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Want to try out the Nutrition Bootcamp Coaching process for building skills yourself?Goal to action practice worksheet and steps for you to brainstorm as you fill it out.

Here?s what you do:

  1. >>Download this worksheet?<<
  2. Pick a goal you?d like to achieve. Any goal works here from lose 10 pounds, to increase bench press by 30 pounds, to learn to play ?Enter Sandman? on the guitar. Write your goal in the top box.
  3. Brainstorm the key skills needed for that goal. Any skills are fair game. If you?re not sure, take a guess. Write those skills in the next set of boxes.
  4. Brainstorm which practices would help develop those key skills. Think about small things you can do every day to build your skill set. Write those practices in the next set of boxes.

Tip: You can always consult an expert later on to help you nail down the segments, sequence, and strategy. For now, just have some fun and see what you come up with.


Worksheet: Goal to Action

When you need support in your goal to action plan

If you?re ridiculously motivated?and relentlessly tenacious?you might be able to figure this stuff out and lone ranger your way toward your goals, and that is incredible and you should be super proud!

In our experience, though, most people need some amount of coaching and support.

And that?s okay. It?s NOT a sign of weakness or incompetence. In fact, it?s the way most humans do most things.

  • It?s how we learn to read, write, walk, and talk.
  • It’s how we learn to do a job and improve professionally.
  • It?s how we become better parents and partners.
  • It?s how we grow as human beings: with coaching, support, and accountability.

Help when you?re stuck.

Even with the best daily practices, ongoing progress tracking, accountability, and proactive obstacle identification, sometimes you still get stuck. That?s when our coaches can help. Someone who?s ?been there, done that? and knows how to help navigate to where you want to be.

If you would like some help with your FITNESS goals and are within driving distance from Conca Sport and Fitness in West Springfield. ?Reach out to us and we can find out what type of training would be best for you. ?At our Training Facility we offer 1:1 private coaching, small group training where we limit up to 4 participants during a session and ?Adult Training Sessions. ?We also specialize in health assessments and program writing, this is a great option for someone who wants some expert advice but would like to carry out a program elsewhere. ?You can find out a little more about those things on this page.

Interested in our Nutrition Bootcamp Coaching? ?We can only work with a small percentage of the people who express interest in this program, when we open up spots, they will sell out fast. That?s why, if you?re interested in working with us, it?s important to place your name on our presale lists if you are not already.


Looking forward to connecting with you!

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