Are You Prepared For The Journey?? Part 1


Are You Prepared For The Journey?? Part 1

What is your transformation going to be this year?? For many it will be to look, move and feel better by losing weight (fat).?

This journey doesn?t have to start every January. A transformation can begin anytime. However, there?s one important factor that can?t be overlooked.?

If you really want something or you want to go some where then you need to PLAN AHEAD for your adventure.?

Yes, it will be an adventure.? There will be unexpected ups and downs so you need to be prepared.?

Despite all the TV and radio ads and infomercials, the research makes it very clear.? There are 3 BIG factors that must be taken into consideration when planning for a lifestyle change that involves not only weight (fat) loss but keeping it off as well:?

  1. Increase your physical activity (this is a relative term for everyone)
  2. Increase your awareness with respect to dietary intake of? protein carbs and fats
  3. Include a strategic and realistic plan that can work with your lifestyle and

You may be someone who has failed at this journey.? Or you may be someone who has had success in the past but it didn?t last.? And now you are stuck.? Or even worse, you?re losing ground on what you worked so hard for.?

Over the next few segments we will explain the most important strategies to help you understand what needs to happen so you can succeed, lose the weight (fat) and keep it off.?

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