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Success Story: See How Valerie Lost 25 lbs To Prepare For Her Knee Replacement!

Success Story: See How Heather Got Her MOJO Back!

Success Story: See How Jenn Leads Her Family of 5 To A Life Of Fitness!

Success Story: See How Jess Lost 30 Pounds!

Success Story: See How Bill Changed His Life!

Success Story: See What Michelle Overcame At 50 And Turned Her Life Around

I first came to Conca Sport and Fitness in January 2011 after having seen the progress my cousin – Allison Lyons – was making there. At that time, my initial goal was simple: to lose weight and get healthier. I was overweight, tired most of the time, and recovering from some significant health issues in 2010 which had prevented me from doing much of anything.

I wanted something more from my training than what ordinary gyms could offer me. I wanted that extra accountability to push myself a little further and to help motivate me to stay with it. While the workouts can be grueling, this has been exactly what I’d been looking for.

Julia has been exactly what I needed, someone to be accountable to, someone to push me when I would have given up. My biggest accomplishment so far was running the Rugged Maniac Race this year in Southwick, MA. Who would have thought a year ago that this 42 year old, 50 lb overweight, tired girl would be able to do something like that!

My goal now is to stay fit long-term. I plan to do as many 5k’s as I can over the next few months and to look fantastic at Allison’s wedding in November. And although I still have some weight to lose to make my goal, overall I feel great!

  • Lost 25 lbs and 13.4 total inches
  • Ran 1st 5k ever September 2011
  • One week later completed the Rugged Maniac 5k Obstacle Course Challenge (September 2011, Southwick, MA)

  Jeanne Higgins, West Springfield, MA

I first came to Conca Sport and Fitness in January of 2011 to get reconditioned after sustaining whiplash in a car accident in April 2010. Before joining Conca, I tried to regain strength on my own using various methods of healing; however, after realizing that I was unable to lift an 8-pound weight when I used to be able to lift 17-pounds, I turned to Steve at Conca Sport and Fitness to begin personal training. I wanted to get back to doing Ballroom Dance Competitions. I hadn’t been able to dance since the accident because of the pain and lack of coordination, balance, and strength.

My initial goal was to be able to work out without pain, lose 20 pounds, and get back to ballroom dancing. However, I have gotten so much more out of my training here. THANK YOU STEVE, JULIA, AND NEIL!! I feel fantastic. I have lost 15 pounds and have no more pain when exercising. I have been back to my ballroom dancing since March. It is because of the fantastic workouts (though tough) that I recently placed first in a highly contested Ballroom Dance Competition.

Before Conca sports, I remember I would have to think about how to work my muscles together to be balanced and maintain core control. I really had to TRY to make my muscles work. Because of Conca’s Team and innovative workouts targeting total body strength and muscular balance, my muscles now do the work for me, functioning together on their own. Now, when I’m dancing out on the floor during a competition, I am filled with such joy and confidence because I can just go out there and dance.

  • Lost 15 lbs
  • Lost 24 total inches
  • Improved overall strength, balance, flexibility, and aerobic conditioning
  • Placed 1st at Manhattan Dancesport Competition 2011

Amy Greenbaum – Longmeadow,MA

As a priest, I spent the majority of my time focusing on my spiritual health. I knew my physical health was of equal importance but I never found the right place or people to help guide me in this positive direction of health and fitness.That is until I found Conca Sport and Fitness!

Julia and Steve were awesome! The environment was not intimidating and it was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks so much for all your help!

  • Improved overall muscle mass, strength and lost fat weight
  • Increased flexibility, endurance and health

God Bless,
Fr. John Reardon
St. Thomas Parish

I started working out at CSF in December 2010. I had wanted to call for the longest time but kept putting it off. Finally I called, and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made! Coming into CSF I wanted to learn more about nutrition and exercising. I had been working out at the gym at school but was bored with the machines and wasn’t seeing any results. As soon as I met Steve and started my training sessions, I knew I was getting the best workout I could!

My initial goals were to lose weight (at that time I did not have a set number in my head) and change my life around. I was going into 2011 with the saying “New Year, New You” and with the help of CSF it worked! I just hit the 30-pound weight-loss mark in October 2011 and am feeling great!

I absolutely love working out at CSF because you never know what to expect from the workouts. Steve, Julia, and Neil are constantly pushing me through the exercises, and I have accomplished things I never thought I could before (like lift 190 pounds on the Hex bar!).

Two of the biggest accomplishments thus far have been losing my first 30 pounds and running/finishing the Rugged Maniac. Just this October, I began the FLAG group at Conca, hoping to learn more about nutrition as well as tackle my next goal of losing another 25 pounds. I also hope to run more events like the Rugged Maniac!

I always leave CSF drenched in sweat and know that I had a good workout, especially if I am sore the next day. So to Steve, Julia, and Neil – I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for me, and for letting me be a part of Team Conca. I am so excited and can’t wait to see what the next few months/year has to offer!

 Ashley Ruggiera, West Springfield

I have been blessed with five beautiful children, but the back to back pregnancies definitely took a toll on my body. I joined Conca Sport and Fitness in October 2010 with the hopes of losing the weight that was gained during these pregnancies. I’ve never been one to be all that self-motivated when it comes to going to the gym. I would get there and think about all of the other things I should be doing. My youngest daughter was 10 months old, and I knew that if I was ever going to be successful I needed training expertise and weight loss guidance.

Initially, I wanted to lose 20 pounds, drop a pant size, and have more energy during the day. The first two months were definitely a shock to my system but well needed. I had to keep reminding myself that the sore was a good sore! As a new years resolution, I knew that my focus had to be on both nutrition and training if I was ever going meet my goals. I went from once a week workouts in the beginning to twice a week and eventually three times a week. The progression was natural for me as my body became stronger, and my results were becoming more tangible.

At CSF, the workouts are challenging, engaging, and concise. Knowing that I am in and out within an hour makes everything that much better. The trainers know when to push and when an extra word of encouragement is needed. They hold you accountable for your workouts and nutrition and emphasize that the two go hand in hand. I am thrilled to have reached my initial goals and even more excited to set new ones. Knowing that results are not overnight, I am confident that with more hard work during training sessions and commitment to better nutrition, CSF will help me reach my new goals in 2012! Much thanks to Julia, Steve, and Neil!

  • Lost 31 lbs
  • Improved strength, endurance, energy, and overall health

Jen Turmel, West Springfield

I came to Conca Sport and Fitness to enhance, not only physique, but my overall health and fitness. Over 12 weeks I learned how to take my workouts to a much higher level, not only at CSF but on my own. The nutritional consultations combined with the time effective workout yielded the results what I was looking for. I decreased my body fat and I put on about 9lbs of muscle. I’m more athletic, eating healthier, and finally know how to exercise correctly on my own while spending less time at the gym. Thanks for the great experience and most of all the the results!

  • Gained 9.25 lbs of lean muscle
  • Maximized his workouts while spending less time at the gym

 Jeremy Barr, Longmeadow, MA

The workouts are great! I have cut my exercise time in 1/2 and I haven?t looked and felt this good in years! I came to Steve to help me design a time effective home program. He put together some incredibly effective interval circuits. I have had only 6 personal workouts in the last 4 months and the rest I do at home. Awesome!!! Thanks Steve!

Paul Mazzariello, Owner, Vin’s Car Wash & Detail, Holyoke, MA

Steve, I write this to inform you of my complete satisfaction in regards to your programs, your facility and your people. As a former competitive athlete in the sports of Football, Baseball, Hockey, and Softball, I have had several injuries and subsequent surgeries to repair the damage. For years I struggled with flexibility and overall conditioning.

I would like to report that after beginning a 2 day a week regimen with your associate Julia Girman back in April of this year, that I am moving like I did 20 years ago. She does a phenomenal job of communicating her desire to have me do certain things and the results I see are real. She is a testament to your business as she motivates me to levels I never thought possible. I truly thank her for her patience and persistence in helping me achieve my personal goals.

I was scheduled for a 12 week program that expired in mid-July, but I have opted to prolong the program with her so I can continue to see positive changes in my overall strength, health and well being.

Thank you for providing an atmosphere of positive reinforcement and allowing me the opportunity to maximize my potential for better health & fitness. If not for your facility, I am confident my quality of life would continue to decline as the years go on??I hope this testimonial will motivate those considering such training themselves to do so sooner rather than later.

Keep up the good work and a special Thank You to Julia for helping me attain heights I thought were almost unimaginable.

Stephen Moore, Branch Manager, Graybar Electric, West Springfield

I have some great news, I went cycling the last two days putting in an hour and doing aprox. 11miles each time, not the greatest speed but considering it’s the first chance I’ve had this year to ride I’m pretty happy. But the best part is………..are you ready?????

I had no trouble getting on or off of my bike, you don’t know that that was a big challenge for me last year because of my hip, but with Tina’s help I improved tremendously from needing to lean on something and practically lay my bike down to get on to being able to get on w/out using anything to support myself but I still needed to literally will my leg over the bike. This year I got on w/out even thinking about it!!!!!!! I feel better than I’ve ever felt even prior to my cancer diagnosis. I am really excited! It’s truly because of Conca Sport and Fitness that I am now stronger and more flexible, and not to mention, I have more energy than ever! If this is how I feel after just 3 short months I can’t wait to see what the future holds! Thank you so much!

Carole Mazzariello – Granby

Steve gave me the motivation and knowledge to take back my body and get in the best shape I have been in years. I have more confidence and I feel healthier and stronger then ever. I now know how to exercise the right way on my own. Thanks Steve!

 Susan Crum, Westfield, MA

Since working out at Conca’s I have lost 15 pounds, 20 inches and not to mention I have a much firmer body! I have enjoyed working out in the 5:45 morning class as it’s fun and challenging at the same time. As I see the results it keeps me motivated to work out even more. I have greater self esteem, I am stronger and the most important to me, I’m more energized! Also, working out with my mom has brought us closer together. I have gotten more out of joining Conca Sports and Fitness than I would going to a regular gym.

 Sara Ritter, Agawam, MA

Five months ago, I started working with Julia at Conca Fitness and have seen very positive results in that time. It’s been years since I felt this strong or healthy. Workouts on my own had become boring and lacked intensity. Over time I have lost a lot of flexibility and was becoming concerned about getting injured. Julia has designed a personal program for me that was both challenging and creative. She brings energy and enthusiasm to every session. She motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get results. I have more energy, my balance and flexibility have improved tremendously, and I’m much stronger than I was when I started. I highly recommend Conca Fitness to everyone!

 Mary Regan, Westfield, MA

I was the first client to join Conca Sport and Fitness in January of 2010, and I am so glad I did! I’ve lost 31 lbs thus far, several inches and as a result I feel so much better mentally and physically. Although it was tough to get up some mornings for the 5:45am class, the group was very motivating! Steve has been a great coach and motivator. Thanks to him the workouts have been a success for me and I look forward to a new and challenging workout every week.

Sharon Ritter, Agawam, MA

Before coming to Conca Sport and Fitness I dreaded working out and made every excuse not to go to the gym. After my first session with Steve and Julia I was hooked! Not only have I lost over 20 inches and dropped a pant size, but i have toned and gained muscle all over my body. Over the past year Steve and Julia have given me the training and fitness tools I needed to regain my confidence that I had lost. I am beyond pleased with the service I receive at Conca and the training staff is remarkable! I am so glad I made the decision to get my health and strength back, and I would not have been able to achieve that without my friends at Conca!!! Thanks Steve and Julia!.

 Allison Lyons, West Springfield, MA

I went to Conca Sport and Fitness six months ago looking for help in losing the weight I’d gained over the previous year and hoping to gain the knowledge needed to keep the weight off and prepare me for a slowing metabolism as I age. I’ve never been one to initiate exercise, and I tend to avoid big gyms at all costs. I knew I would need some one-on-one attention to jump start my new life. Julia has far exceeded my expectations as a trainer. From the beginning, she created a plan specific to my needs and changes the plan frequently, which is a perfect remedy for my pension for boredom. I always look forward to the workouts and thank her at the end of each one. The workouts are never easy, but they’re also never anything I can’t complete. When I’m struggling to finish an exercise, Julia can sense it and throws out words of encouragement. When I was having problems with one of my shoulder, she modified the workouts to compensate for the weakness. When I was going through a lot of stress at work, she gave me a couple of light workouts with emphasis on being calm. I don’t have to ask for these things; Julia uses her intuition, knowledge, and experience to address my needs. I hadn’t planned on getting one-on-one training for more than a few months, but the weight is coming off and Julia’s motivation keeps me coming back. She’s got me doing things I never thought I was physically capable of doing. She helped me prepare for a military style 5k obstacle course I ran last month, and I’m sure I wouldn’t have made it through without the preparation. She was even there to cheer me on along with her friends. I feel healthier, stronger, and more aware of my personal well-being now. I can’t thank Julia enough and I look forward to my next butt whoopin’!

 Jody Gallant, West Springfield, MA

I was out walking one Sunday morning and stopped into Conca Sport & Fitness to see what it was all about. Steve couldn’t have been nicer, explaining his philosophy and how his programs work. We setup a time for me to come back and have my assessment done later that evening. I signed up and have been with Conca ever since. In that time, I’ve lost 24 lbs, gained muscle, coordination and stamina. These are some of the toughest but most rewarding workouts I’ve ever done. You really get a feeling of accomplishment from each class. I like that they are fast and but so challenging. You really maximize your time. Steve also takes the time to focus on the nutrition aspect. I would recommend Steve & Conca Sport & Fitness to anyone, new to exercise or any level.

 Susan Albertson, West Springfield, MA

I first came to Steve to help in the rehabilitation of a former high school and college athlete who at 60 yrs old, had sustained chronic pain from football injuries and gained 75 lbs since leaving my teaching and coaching career in 1982. In 6 months, because of your coaching and nutritional guidance, I lost 40 lbs. I’m relatively pain free. My goal will be to lose another 35 pounds under your program you have established for me. I am confident that my goal will be attained over the next 6 months. I continually look forward to my three day per week workouts!

 Michael Williams, Vice President | LPL Financial, Chicopee, MA