5 Reasons You’re Not Seeing Results

5 Your Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Results

Frustrated with your energy levels?

Not happy with your body.?

Not seeing any results for your effort?? Feel like you are spinning your wheels in the gym?

Here are 5 reasons why you may not be getting the results you want:

#1 You Eat Like A Teenager

You will never be able to out train poor nutrition habits.? Nutrition is and always will be directly related to your results!

If your want to lose fat, gain muscle, look, move and feel better?nutrition will directly impact your results!

If you?re slamming soda,? chowing down pizza and subs, and your breakfast of ?champions? consists of a steady rotation of cereal and bagels, it might be time consider? eating like a responsible adult.? Your quality of life could depend on it!

Doing better is easier then you think!

To get started you don?t need Paleo, intermittent fasting,? some super-supplement cleanse, or any other fad diet.

Our Mom?s taught us what to eat as kids:

Vegetables? = YES

Cookies & Cake = NO.

Chicken, fish or other meats = YES

Fruit = YES

Fast food (especially super-sized) = NO

Real simple!? Most people just need Mom?s common sense nutrition plan that includes almost everything in moderation.? Once that has been established then you can tinker with proper pre and post workout nutrition and supplementation.?

#2 Where?s Your Intensity?

Most people give themselves only a few hrs per week to get off their butt and move. If you don?t move hard enough to make it count you?ll just be spinning your wheels. ?

Intensity equals results.

Use an effort tracker to help you GET AFTER IT in the gym and your results will show for it.

If you can chat it up with your buddy throughout the ENTIRE workout, or you have been using the same 15lb kettle-bell after 2 years, that might be a sigh to ramp up your intensity.

#3 Your Form Is Awful

Poor form will result in injury and limit your results.

The heavier the weights the greater the chances of you getting hurt.? No one wants to get injured. However, an injury will often result in missed training time, frustration, and often lead to quitting exercise all together. Thus never achieving your fitness or maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

You have to learn how to lift heavy, but do so with PERFECT form and you will look, move and feel better!

#4 You Aren’t Consistent


You have to be? ALL IN for more then two weeks.

Is this you? ? kids, job, etc., eating crappy, skipping workouts?and REPEAT

That?s the cycle we see for many people and? sometimes it?s really hard to watch.

Want to get results?

STOP making excuses.? Where there?s a WILL there?s a WAY.? BE CONSISTENT.

Workout at least FOUR times a week FOR LIFE!?

Health and fitness is a lifestyle, not a fad. You just can?t stop and start and see results. The fittest people are also the most consistent.?

Get CONSISTENT and you will be more successful!

#5 You Have No Direction And No Help

Our most successful clients set goals, lean on the coaching staff for help and then attack them (goals that is, not our coaches).?

Think about this. ?Most unfit people spend more money on their cell phone bill then they do on their personal fitness!?

Paying $10-40 / month for a gym membership?and that’s getting you… WHAT? ? Access to ride their treadmills and ellipticals or bounce around a class with a weighted bar. ?Sorry, that’s not fitness.

You get NO direction, guidance, help, or someone to hold you accountable.? You end up being a fitness HAMSTER, just spinning your wheels in your box.

Remember when you didn?t have GPS on your phone and you THOUGHT you knew where you were going. ? You ended up taking the wrong rout, and remember how pissed you became because of the time you wasted.? You can drive around and wing it,? or you can get from point ?A? to point ?B? as quickly and efficiently as possible by getting help, having a plan and making sure someone will be waiting for you to check in to make sure your going in the right direction.

Don?t be that guy/gal who refuses to ask for directions, or break out Google Maps, when lost.

What inspires your WHY??

Your WHY is your compass.

They don?t have to be crazy goals. ?Could be lose 5 pounds, get on the ground to play with my kids..and then get up on my own, do a pull up, run a 5k, or just living a healthier lifestyle where looking, moving and feeling better is a daily goal. ?It’s YOUR WHY!

So the WHY is up to you!? It will be your consistent motivation to press on!

If you want to talk about YOUR WHY, workout, nutrition or fitness goals CLICK BELOW. We can have a conversation.


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