Team And Small Group Intensive Training.

Strength Training

Strength Training is the foundation of our programing here at CSF. Our STRONG community helps build STRONG individuals. True Strength Training will build physical strength and help reduce the risk of injury. NOTHING will get you leaner faster than Strength Training. Our coaches will guide, instruct, and inspire you in a fun, highly motivating environment that works with your busy schedule. Extremely High levels of coaching and accountability are present within this program.

Team Training (Level 1 and 2)

This conditioning program is for those who are looking for a challenge and want to be taken out of their comfort zone. In a safe, fun, team environment, our will coaches take you on a high energy journey. Equipped with kettlebells, suspension trainers, sleds, battling ropes and a slew of other fun fitness equipment, you and your teammates will experience the ultimate rush. Find your inner child athlete – sweat, laugh, and burn to reach your full potential.

Small Group Intensive Coaching

All of our Small Group Intensive Coaching sessions provide individualized coaching for you and up to 3 additional clients. In addition, every Small Group Coaching membership level includes monthly program updates as well as unlimited open gym and Team Training sessions.

TEAM TRAINING OPTIONS // (Unlimited: $149/ month for 12-month membership)

SMALL GROUP INTENSIVE COACHING   // ($189-289/month for 12-month membership) Two sessions per week or unlimited access provides the supervision and motivation the majority of our clients desire.

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We all know accountability-regularly checking with someone- is important for long-term success. The social commitment helps you stick with what you start when things get tough or you have a rough week, you will be reporting to your coach daily with the online platform.

Your coach will SEE & be notified when you have completed your lesson or daily action habit. You can message your coach at anytime and if your coach notices you are struggling or not doing your daily action they will reach out to see where you need support or encouragement.

Please note: This is NOT a quick fix.