Summer IMPACT Series #1- Make Your Bed

As we kick off our Summer Athletic Performance Programs we are implementing an IMPACT Series for all athletes and their families to reflect on.  Each week for the next 9 weeks we will deliver some nuggets of inspiration, motivation and…

How Bill Got Awesome

If you want to get awesome, try this:
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Should You Take Supplements? Part 1

Should You Be Taking Supplements? By Frank Hoyle, CPT, EIM Ambassador. Frank is currently performing his internship with Conca Sport and Fitness. Something that I get asked multiple times on a daily basis is; “Frank, what  supplements…

Get'n Geeky With Fat! - The Science of Metabolism and Burning Fat

In this day and age, fat loss programming is one of the most popular reasons people seek out personal trainers and or gym memberships. 20 or 30 years ago this just was not the case. Back then, if someone went to a trainer, it was to enhance…