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Every Sport Starts With Conca

Welcome Hampshire and Franklin Counties!

Take advantage of the CSF Professional Strength Training Services that will be offered at Aegis Physical Therapy in Hadley. 

It All starts on Thursday 11/2 with an  athlete & parent open house from 6:30-7:30pm.

Training Days will be Tuesday’s and Thursdays 3:00-7:30pm.   

All Athletes Must Pre-Register  Please see the details below on how to get started

In a cost effective, small, energized small group environment, we work towards individualized goals. This is done through teaching concepts and skills involving proper weight training and movement techniques along with providing nutritional guidance and regeneration methods.

How To Sign Up:

Our partnership with Aegis Physical Therapy will give local athletes the opportunity to have access to a sports performance and injury prevention program that can coincide with their on field skill development. Improve strength, speed, athleticism and make a quicker return after injury.

3 Month Winter Program options: 

1 day / week – $129 / month >> Sign up HERE

2 days / week – $189 /month >> Sign up  HERE

Use Discount Code: AEGISTRONG at checkout and receive 10% off your first month before 10/20!

All Sessions are to be booked by using the CSF APP.

Sessions At Aegis Physical Therapy will be offered every hr beginning at 3pm until 7pm. They will appear on the APP as AEGIS STRENGTH There will be a limit to 6 athletes per session to begin with.

Middle School/High School

In our middle and high school athletic development programs, the applications of strength and conditioning coupled with sports specific training begin to evolve. Middle school and high school athletes often will train with their respective age groups, but there will be times where athletes will be combined given their experience, maturity, and ability.

There are no shortcuts to becoming a better athlete. Providing young athletes with realistic expectations in this era of instant gratification is not an easy task. They will learn and value that hard work and commitment will pay off in sport and in life.

Programs Start at $189/ month with 3 month commitment.

Jr. Strength Programs: Ages 9-10

As a level II coach with the International Youth Conditioning Association, I can assure you that this is the age when many young athletes gain a distinct advantage not only in their athletic ability (coordination, balance, strength, and speed) but also in their ability to reduce potential injury. Young kids who engage in a supervised age appropriate program are less likely to suffer overuse injuries later in their careers. 

Jr. Programs start at $129/ month with 3 month commitment.

Get Started:

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